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Traditional Oriental Medicine Training

Simon Rowe trained in Shiatsu at the European Shiatsu School headquarters in Malborough, for 3 years gaining his Diploma in Shiatsu. Further training in Chinese Medical Massage,known as Tuina, was completed with the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine.

Training was also undertaken in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (Reading), followed by a years intensive Chinese Acupuncture training and clinical experience with the Academy of Oriental Medicine, gaining his Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture in 2004.

A post-graduate certificated course was completed in Chinese Herbal Patent Medicine at the Shizhen College of TCM with Professor Shulan Tang.

To supplement his Acupuncture training, Simon specialised in Japanese Acupunctureand completed a post-graduate Foundation Course in Kiiko Matsumoto Acupuncture, in London 2006 and finished another year's training at the European Branch of the Toyohari Medical Acupuncture Association, in Amsterdam 2007, under Dr Stephen Birch.

Further training with Jane Lyttleton, TCM/Infertility Specialist, in Basle, Switzerland was undertaken during July 2007, to supplement his experience of dealing with an increasing number of sub-fertile women.

To complete his extensive training Simon was taught the ancient Tung family lineage style of Acupuncture by Susan Johnson Lic.Ac completing the Tung Beginning and Advanced Series. This efficient style of acupuncture uses just a few needles and produces excellent pain relief quickly and treats internal problems.

Simon is also an Affiliated member of the Zita West National Fertility Network for Reproductive Health having attended her training sessions in London. He is a Category III Member of the regulatory body the ATCM for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in the UK.

Simon Rowe is a member of the British Register for Complementary Practitioners (Oriental Medicine Division) and the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK).


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